The Best and Easiest Way to Get More SEO Traffic

Are you overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of driving traffic to your website? You are not alone. This article does not list all the strategies for driving in the sun, but instead lists the strategies we use at Ahrefs. This strategy helped our sales increase by more than 65% year-on-year. In other words, they have been proven effective. Here are the tips:

1. Optimize your readers, not search engines.

First, record the buyer’s picture so you can understand who your content is for. By creating high-quality educational content that resonates with your ideal buyers, you will naturally improve SEO. This means addressing the main concerns of your character and the keywords they use in search. Search engine optimization alone is useless; all you have is keyword nonsense. Inspire your customers, you will automatically inspire the search engine.

2. Write a blog regularly.

Blogging may be the most effective way to increase natural traffic to your website. It allows you to dig deeper than the website allows and create a great catalog of useful and artificially optimized content for your market segment. However, poorly written, spam or cheap content. It does more harm than good. Avoid this situation.

3. Connect with the blogosphere.

The blogosphere is commonplace. Read, comment, and link to other people’s websites and blogs, especially those in their market. Hope they will read, comment, and link to your website to get more potential customers. Quora is a good starting point. A good strategy for getting your voice heard is to spend some time on Quora answering people’s questions and providing real, valuable, and tangible information about a particular area. You are an expert


4. Using long-tail keywords.

Don’t just choose the most popular keywords in the market. Use keywords that are more relevant to your product or service. Over time, Google and other search engines will recognize your website or blog as the destination of that particular product or service. A theme, in turn, can improve your content in search rankings and help your ideal customers find it.

4. Find your meta title.

The meta title, URL, and description are the three important components of optimizing a website or blog post. This is simple but very effective. In fact, apart from the meta description and metadata, all SEO factors on the page are important to get it right. This means you can tell Google exactly what you’re talking about. We use various tools to optimize our website, including Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, HubSpot SEO tool, and Ahrefs. But just "installing" the plugin is not enough, you have to edit each page in turn.

5. Create high-quality content consistently.

Try to write and publish as much as possible, but don't sacrifice quality! The more quality content (including articles and blog posts) on your website or blog, the more opportunities you will create for organic traffic on the move.

6. Use social media.

Build influence on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. All these actions will help publish your name and website address on the Internet. Learn how we doubled our social media audience in a week. Add a sharing button to your website to make it easier for others to share your content and write content to be shared.