Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

In the past year, we have seen changes in the way brands promote their products or services on social media. As the popularity of social media continues to increase, our online users have exceeded 3.6 billion. I want to know how they will attract a large audience on social media next year. They will also ask the question: "In this ever-changing environment, what social media trends should we expect?

Some trends in 2021

1. The brand will continue to adhere to the publishing principle of "less is more".

This year, many brands spend less time posting on social media and spend more time creating meaningful, valuable and engaging content with the world around them.

And the trend “less is more” is likely to continue in 2021. "COVID19 has caused brands to ask a question they may not have asked before: "Does my audience want to hear me now?" .

Hendrickson said,  I hope the brand can be more thoughtful when it launches. This may even mean fewer releases, regardless of the algorithm, because it is right," Hendrickson explained. There will also be smarter promotional purchases and partnerships.

2. Content value will beat production quality.

When many companies are forced to completely switch to remote access in 2020, social media and video marketing teams have to develop scalable workflows that can be done at home.

For other social media content that apparently comes from the home office, marketers realize that if low-quality content provides value, it is still attractive. "COVID19 has forced many companies to be in the early stapes of content production, especially video works." Hendrickson explained: "If there is no production studio or a lot of equipment, production costs will be higher and ultimately more user-friendly.

3. Conversational marketing will change its tone.

Conversational marketing is not new. In fact, most of the big brands we know and love allow you to contact them at any time through social media messaging channels.

But in 2021 there will be more messaging channels. For consumers who need more information to make a profitable investment, the tone of the digital conversation may change.

4. Consumers crave snack content.

In 2020, we see the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, the continued participation of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories content, and the creation of other short videos or snacks by brands to promote their brands to consumers. In autumn, more and more people will keep watching channels when they are bored at home. Don't expect snacks to lose interest anytime soon.

5. More brands will go live.

Other brands are streaming. In 2019, every fifth Facebook video is live. In May of this year, YouTube users watched the live broadcast for a total of 284 hours. In 2020, many brands are forced to hold conferences, events and other marketing activities. It is not surprising that the number of online live broadcasts may be higher in 2020. Currently, many brands are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter to stream real-time events, QandAs, guides, and other types of content. Content keeps your followers in touch with your brand by hosting events that they may not be able to participate in directly on the screen.